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Welcome to Leyland Camping and Caravan Clubs website.

We will update this website with any information on matters relating to Leyland Camping and Caravan Club (LCCC) such as rallies and events. We will also update you of any cancelled rallies in the BL Association as we are informed of them.


We are a small friendly club which rallies throughout the year at weekends in the northwest and holiday rallies of one or two weeks at various locations around the country. The club was originally formed by workers of Leyland Motors factory in Leyland, Lancashire. and the club is a member of the BL Association. The BL Association was formed by clubs from the various factories and individual companies that made up the British Leyland Corporation. Unfortunately many of these factories are now closed. 

If you have a unit, (Caravan, motor home or tent) and would like to use it for more than holidays give rallying a try.  You can attend any of the rallies within the BL Association that are of interest to you and can be assured of a very warm welcome once you are on the rally field.  There is no requirement to attend a certain number of rallies per year or to join in the activities if you do not wish to do so.

If you are interested in rallying why not join us by contacting our membership secretary for details by emailing leylandccc@gmail.com.


Adivice on the use of external Gas Cylinders on Club rallies.
In accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, BLCCC encourage that gas cylinders are located in dedicated internal storage lockers.
Where it is necessary to keep gas cylinders outside, for example no dedicated locker available, the max size is limited to 15 kg. The cylinder must be strapped securely to the unit and connected with a short proprietory hose in good condition and not under any strain. The practice of using an external cylinder to feed the caravan system via a barbeque outlet is not permitted, irrespective of size of cylinder.

E cigarettes & vapourisers: The same regulations apply to those of cigarette smokers and should be smoked outside.

Illegal Drugs:
These are banned by all clubs
Anyone found to be using illegal drugs on a rally, will be ask to leave the field and the police will be notified.


****Unfortunately in accordance with Government guidelines, we are cancelling our club rallies until further notice,.  Any deposits for Flamingoland will be returned. when possible in the current circumstances...
Stay safe everyone..



Jaguar - Change of dates Wyre Piddle these should read, 23-25 October.

Swindon -Rally at Budleigh Salterton July 25 - Aug 8 has been cancelled by the venue, they intend to use the rally field for seasonal pitches.

Page 108 Fairford Airshow, dates should read, Wed 15th - 19th July, poss stay until Mon 20th


As a result of new policies at the bank cheques must now be made payable to Leyland Camping & Caravan Club.

Some clubs seem to be receiving rally slips (not specifically from our club) where the unit type has not been identified, i.e. caravan, Motorhome, tent etc. There may be some venues unsuitable for some units and it would be bad if people arrived and could not get level, or pitch a tent. Please remember to fill this section in so that the rally marshal can let you know if the site is difficult in advance.


Information from ACCEO/insurers regarding the refilling of rented gas bottles. Not only is it illegal to re-fill rented bottles but unsafe, being unable to see the level in the bottle. They suggest buying a Safefill, lightweight bottle in which you can see the level.

Please note, personal items left in the event shelters overnight, e.g. tables and chairs, are left there completely at your own risk. LCCC cannot be responsible for these and they are not covered by our insurance.


Please remember NOT to leave your toilet fluid bottle outside your unit, it must be place in a locker or cupboard as it is classed as a dangerous chemical.